I offer small group and private classes and I love to make yoga available to everyone. You’ll feel supported and will receive clear instructions on how to move mindfully through the class, deepening your awareness of the body-mind connection whilst having fun and feeling relaxed and revitalised.

I would be delighted to guide you.

Antoinette van Belle
Antoinette van Belle


Dec 11 - Dec 17















Chair Yoga

Have you always wanted to do yoga but do you feel you’re not flexible enough? Or do you worry about your balance or getting up from the floor? Yoga is beneficial for everybody and can be adapted to everyone’s needs. This class is perfect for seniors or people with chronic pain or anyone who wants to move but feels daunted by a regular yoga class. You’ll be surprised how many poses, movements, and breathing exercises you can do sitting down or standing while holding on to a chair. You will improve your strength, mobility, breath capacity, pain management, feel more relaxed, and have fun!

If you feel you’d like more personalised attention you can also book a 1:1 class. Please contact me.

1 Class: $15.00

10 Classes: $130.00


Dru Yoga

In this class we activate the body with a good warm-up, we work with asanas, EBR’s (specific movements to release blocked energy), sequences, and pranayama breathwork. There’s time for a good deep relaxation at the end and an inspiring text. Some previous experience is helpful but not essential. This class will sometimes take you out of your comfort zone but always in a mindful way. You will balance, stretch and strengthen, breathe, and coordinate breath & movement, release, and relax. You will love this class and feel relaxed & revitalized.

1 Class: $15.00 

10 Classes: $130  


Gentle Yoga

This is a perfect class for beginners or anyone who would like a gentle practice. Slow mindful movements and easy transitions with lots of emphasis on the breath, and finishing with some restorative poses and wonderful deep relaxation. This class is so soothing and a great way to slow down if you are feeling tense and tired but also if you want to give your body and mind some quiet time. No previous experience necessary but you do need a certain amount of mobility.

1 Class: $15.00  


Private Yoga Class

Imagine a one to one class tailored to your specific needs. Perhaps you have health issues or are recovering from an illness or maybe you’d like to deepen your practice or you simply want the luxury of choosing your own times. Together we will find the ideal practice for you and one that you can easily implement in your day. Even when you are busy you can do a short sequence or breathing exercise that will give you renewed energy.   This is the ultimate gift to yourself. 

Contact me to discuss your needs.

1 Hour class: $70.00  

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Antoinette finds a rare natural balance and borderless flow between the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. She has given me the gift of more flexibility, both in body and mind. Her heart-opening, radiant smile and her actress-trained beautiful, modular voice calms and grounds profoundly. Miraculously, her classes always seem custom-made for my needs at that very moment. You will leave her yoga space – actual or virtual – with the state of mind and all the tools needed to truly understand and live her slogan: The peace you seek lies within.

Katja Lanz, Geneva

Yoga Workshops


Yoga Retreats

We all need to disconnect from our daily routines from time to time in order to reconnect and recover. A retreat is perfect for a reset, a time for introspection, for connecting with nature, eating wholesome food, and relaxing.   


Wonderful retreats coming in 2021.