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Holistic life coaching for health and wellbeing

When life goes out of kilter

Life tends to present us with some interesting challenges, believe me, I have had and continue to have my share of them.       

On the whole, if you’re resilient, take care of yourself, and are positively inclined you can navigate the low and high tides pretty well. But sometimes a sudden big change can really throw other areas of your life out of alignment.

Too many challenges may make life feel like an uphill struggle and you find yourself going into overwhelm, losing your horizon and losing touch with the bigger picture. 


Perhaps fear of making a change or not knowing how, have you feeling stuck and demotivated and staying in unsatisfying situations.


In moments like this, we wish that someone would take us by the hand and guide us to calmer waters or help us to get a different perspective.

Have you ever felt like that?Do you feel stuck in a rut? Do you keep repeating the same patterns?  Or are you going through a transition and struggling to adapt to a new situation?

Do you long for some inner peace?


What is Holistic Life Coaching?

In holistic life coaching, we take an approach that everything is interconnected and that we’re part of the whole.

Instead of the idea that we’re separated beings dealing with fragmented issues or trying to solve isolated problems, we aim to find coherence, thereby unifying the different areas in your life as well as getting clear on your physical, emotional, mental, behavioral and spiritual landscapes.


For me there are 6 important Elements in Holistic Health

Spiritual sustenance

Nutritional sustenance





Are you looking for a Holistic perspective on your life? Are you open to finding the gift in a seemingly negative situation?

What my coaching can help you with


Shifting and transforming difficult issues in your life so that you can get motivated and move on.

Defining your true desires, detecting what is blocking you and setting goals to achieve your desires helping you to be honest, alert and proactive.

Understanding and differentiating between limiting beliefs (the voice of fear) and empowering beliefs (the voice of love); this is truly liberating!

Building confidence and self-worth, enabling you to let go of the victim and stand in your strength.

Having clear communication and setting healthy boundaries enabling you to speak from your truth without attack/defense and guilt.

Learning relaxation techniques so that you have practical tools that you can implement.

Working With Me

I draw from many years of experience in yoga and wellness, my own practices, and some powerful healing modalities.

I studied with Alan Cohen, specifically because it is a holistic approach.


I will listen to you with compassion and hold a non-judgmental, safe space for you.

Together we’ll look at:

  • creating a clear vision for health and well-being in your life and relationships.

  • defining and connecting to your values and purpose.

  • nurturing your spirit and connecting to what inspires you.

  • improving your energy and time management.

  • ​finding ways of setting and attaining your goals through a personalized plan and practices that are nourishing, fun, and accessible. 

I will provide encouragement and accountability to help you reach your goals.

Let's work together and take a holistic approach towards your health.

It is so much easier with the guiding support of a caring mentor.  


I feel deeply thankful for having had several coaching sessions with Antoinette. What I appreciate most about her, is her ability to hold a safe and non-judgmental space. Antoinette really listened to me and made me feel understood and heard, while skillfully guiding me to new insights about myself, my fears, and my limiting beliefs. I left each session with a sense of empowerment, more clarity, self-trust and most of all motivation to move forward!

Antoinette is a great coach and I can recommend her services wholeheartedly!

Thank you!

Janina Schick, San José

Heart-centred Holistic Health coaching package

You will get:

  • 90 minute intensive through zoom. Here we’ll look at the 6 elements of Holistic Health and see in which areas you are needing most support. We will also look at your fears and limiting beliefs and the goals you’d like to achieve.

  • Twelve 50 minute sessions through zoom over the 4 months, (three sessions per month).

  • Email contact with me in between sessions and feedback and support in the way of exercises, videos, stories.

Your investment:

Heart-centred Holistic Health, 11 coaching Pay in Full $ 2500 USD_edited.png

Pay in Full

$ 2500 USD

Heart-centred Holistic Health

1:1 Coaching

Heart-centred Holistic Health

1:1 Coaching

Heart-centred Holistic Health, 11 coaching Pay in Full $ 2500 USD_edited.png

Payment Plan

Initial down-payment of 

$ 1300 USD

then 3-monthly instalments of 

$ 450 USD

If you live in Costa Rica, contact me for other options.

Is coaching for me?

Choosing to work with a Holistic Life Coach is an invaluable investment, and it is saying yes to achieving your goals
and creating a life you desire.

Coaching is not meant to take the place of a medical doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist, but it can definitely be complimentary and give fast results.

I may not be the right coach for you and I will be honest about that, that`s why I offer a free discovery call.

If we haven’t worked together before, contact me for a discovery call to see if we’re a good match and to discuss any questions you may have.

Photo Laine jpg.jpg

Dear Antoinette,


Thanks for our recent coaching sessions. I was having a hard time dealing with all the feelings about my marriage and my job, and you helped me to see my negative experience from a new perspective and realize that this too shall pass. I felt safe sharing with you, you were empathetic to my pain, and offered several suggestions to help me get past the darkness.


You reminded me to differentiate between the voice of fear and the voice of Love. I realized that inaction stood in my way and was reminded that small steps could lead to a big shift, which they did. Today I am much happier, small changes took place one at a time until I was able to return to gratitude. Thank you for the opportunity to share your gift with me, at a time when I needed it most. You truly are a blessing to anyone who gets some private time with you, your wisdom and heart-centered attention are just what most people need when maneuvering through life's chaos. Big hug.


Laine Harris, San Jose


"I  chose Antoinette to coach me because we are on the same spiritual path. It was important for me to talk to someone who could understand that I didn’t want a personal opinion or “human” advice, but help in seeing the truth from a spiritual perspective. Antoinette was the perfect choice. She is able to relate to her clients in the way that they can understand what is in their best interest in working through their concerns. I highly recommend her!"


Nancy Bennett, Sta. Anna


Thank you for the coaching sessions we have had. You have the capacity to truly listen and speak from the heart, and to give empathic, meaningful, and solution-oriented feedback. I feel safe sharing with you, and your above-mentioned capacities and skills to observe and ask powerful questions helped me to see things through a different lens, enabling me to move forward. Thank you so much for sharing your gift, dear Antoinette! 


Marjolein Joosen - The Netherlands

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