Holistic life coaching for health and wellbeing

When life goes out of kilter

Life tends to present us with some interesting challenges, believe me, I have had and continue to have my share of them.       

On the whole, if we’re fairly resilient, take care of ourselves, and are positively inclined we manage to navigate the low and high tides pretty well. But sometimes it can really feel like an uphill struggle and we lose our horizon and we lose touch with the bigger picture.

In moments like that, we wish that someone would take us by the hand and guide us to calmer waters. Have you ever felt like that? Has something happened to you that has thrown things off balance in other areas of your life and do you long for some inner peace?


What is Holistic Life Coaching?

In holistic life coaching, we take an approach that everything is interconnected and that we’re part of the whole. Instead of the idea that we’re separated beings dealing with fragmented issues or just looking at an isolated problem.


Are you looking for a Holistic perspective on your life? Are you open to finding the gift in a seemingly negative situation?

Working With Me

Healing goes beyond merely the suppression of disease. Perhaps you are longing to find more balance in your life but are struggling to know where to start and how to fit it all in. Or is fear stopping you from moving forward? 

Are you looking for a holistic approach to health and would you like the guiding support of a caring mentor? 

I draw from many years of working in the yoga and wellness industry, my own practices, and some powerful healing modalities. Working with me we’ll look at what health looks like for you, how all areas of your life are connected and we’ll find ways of attaining your goals through a personalized plan and practices that are nourishing, fun, and accessible. 

I like to work with the willing!

If we haven’t worked together before, contact me for a preliminary session to see if we’re a good match.

Dear Antoinette,


Thanks for our recent coaching sessions. I was having a hard time dealing with all the feelings about my marriage and my job, and you helped me to see my negative experience from a new perspective and realize that this too shall pass. I felt safe sharing with you, you were empathetic to my pain, and offered several suggestions to help me get past the darkness.


You reminded me to differentiate between the voice of fear and the voice of Love. I realized that inaction stood in my way and was reminded that small steps could lead to a big shift, which they did. Today I am much happier, small changes took place one at a time until I was able to return to gratitude. Thank you for the opportunity to share your gift with me, at a time when I needed it most. You truly are a blessing to anyone who gets some private time with you, your wisdom and heart-centered attention are just what most people need when maneuvering through life's chaos. Big hug.


Laine Harris, San Jose