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Antoinette van Belle

Heart-Centred Holistic Health

Empowering you to achieve health & well-being with Yoga, Coaching and Shiatsu 

Antoinette van Belle




A warm welcome.

Honouring your natural healing abilities,

I offer you a safe space, profound & powerful tools

so that you can create wellbeing,

a state in which your physical, mental, and spiritual health are in balance.

Let your healing journey begin.

Recharge in ways that Feed your soul


Yoga & Meditation

Come and enjoy an adventure of self-discovery with Dru yoga, also known as yoga of the heart. Through gentle yet powerful, flowing movements you will stretch, breathe, relax, and feel rejuvenated. I love to make yoga available to everyone. My students are from all walks of life and of different age groups. You don’t need any previous experience.

My teaching style is heart-centred, thoughtful, nurturing, and fun. You will receive plenty of attention and guidance in small groups or private classes, tailored specifically to your needs. 

During these special times, I am offering a variety of online classes, live through zoom, where you will be made to feel welcome and will join with people from different places in the world.  

I would be delighted to guide you in your practice. 


Holistic Life Coaching

Healing goes beyond merely the suppression of disease. Perhaps you are longing to find more balance in your life but are struggling to know where to start and how to fit it all in. Or is fear stopping you from moving forward? 

Are you looking for a holistic approach to health and would you like the guiding support of a caring mentor? I draw from many years of working in the yoga and wellness industry, my own practices, and some powerful healing modalities. Working with me we’ll look at what health looks like for you, how all areas of your life are connected and we’ll find ways of attaining your goals through a personalized plan and practices that are nourishing, fun, and accessible.


We have an incredible capacity for self-healing but these days stress, exhaustion and lack of trust often have us running on empty making it hard to access this. Perhaps you feel stuck in your mind and disconnected from your body? Or you find it difficult to really relax deeply. Where does stress cause tension and pain in your body?

All disease is due to stagnated energy. Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese therapy using different techniques to allow for a healthy flow of energy. It is deeply relaxing and a wonderful, meditative journey inward, deepening your understanding of the body-mind connection.

Jenny Kozlow Image 2021-12-14 at 10.55.11.jpeg

Being with Antoinette is one of the few places where I let down my guard and trust someone.  I can do that because her guidance is a genuine reflection of her values as a professional.  Whether it's physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, her skills seem to cover them all, with simple solutions that integrate wellness into our day to day lives. I feel accompanied. And cared for, knowing I am in her masterful hands.

Jenny Kozlow

Photo hannah .jpg

I'm loving yoga with Antoinette online! Her calm, smiling, positive being radiates from Costa Rica to Scotland. Not only is it fun in this gloomy climate to see sunshine and hear tropical birdsong, but it's lovely to meet and connect with a supportive group from so many countries across the world. It's fun to share our aches in all languages! I never would've thought of doing yoga online...but it's so easy to fit in, no panicked travelling or procrastination. In my own unpredictable creative world, it's reassuring to know Antoinette and her class is always there to join in with. She is so stable, consistent, supportive, and practical. She's always clear, unflustered, gentle, firm, and laughs too! I utterly trust her. I have done many yoga sessions with her over the years in Holland and received her excellent Shiatsu treatments. So I know Antoinette. I miss her, but actually, these online classes are as if we are all in the same room. What unexpected zoom connectivity and restorative relief.

Hannah Tofts, West Coast Scotland 

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